The Communication Matrix seems to be very well aligned with the services I provide to my developmentally younger students. Thank you!

~ BF. SLP/Autism Consultant

My thinking about clients and their communication abilities is permanently changed as a result of the lessons taught me, and your amazing insights.

~ BG, teacher

Thank you for your personal presenation and inservicing of the teachers of our students who have dual-sensory impairments. We have held your work in high regard and it was a pleasure to meet you.

~ CK, School Director

We have adopted the curriculum in the classroom. I can't express the difference it has made. The children, from the highest functioning to the most involved, have made gains that were observable within two weeks of school starting up. Their progress was noted by both staff and parents alike.

~ DE, teacher

The manual and videos are much needed for training parents.

~ JD, teacher

We recently did a one-day introductory workshop on Tangible Symbol Systems for our paraprofessionals. Each time we review the video to prepare for a presentation, we learn so much and sharpen our own skills.


Please know that your work has profoundly positive impacts with "our kids", and it is appreciated. Thanks again.

~ JG, Administrator

Re: Tangible Symbol Systems: I have found your work to be excellent and of quite some help to use as we are attempting to get a better look at where our older, non-verbal residents are symbolically.

~ JM, Senior Scientist and Professor

We received the video tapes of your latest educational program. We are deeply touched by the progress of our son and what your efforts have produced.

~ JW, parent

Thank you for the role you played in making our institute on Techniques and Strategies for working with Deaf-Blind Children and Youth a success. Your presentation on communication skills was very well received by the participants.

~ KF, Assistant Professor