Design to Learn develops instructional tools, assessments and teaching strategies for children and adults with severe disabilities. Our products are especially helpful for individuals who are nonspeaking and for those who have severe intellectual impairment. Many of our materials were developed especially for children with autism spectrum disorders or for children who are deafblind.

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Children and adults who cannot use or understand language systems (such as speech) need to have an effective alternative communication system. These products are especially helpful for individuals who do not speak.

The way in which nonspeaking individuals interact with their environment reflects their understanding of the world. These products encourage development of basic concepts through interaction with objects and spaces.

Good education focuses on improving the quality of the learning environment as well as the skills of the learner. These products focus on creating a rich environment for learning.

These products are designed to help teachers integrate our materials into a cohesive educational approach.

Tangible symbols are two-and three-dimensional objects used as symbols by individuals who have difficulty understanding abstract symbols such as speech, manual sign language or other abstract symbols. These products describe instructional strategies appropriate for a broad range of learners of all ages who need a conceptually concrete symbol system.

The following publications are available in Spanish as well as English:

  • Aprendizaje PRÁCTICO en Casa (Hands-On Learning at Home)
  • Inventario de Aptitudes Para la Resolución de Problemas en Casa (Home Inventory of Problem Solving Skills)
  • Matriz de Comunicación Especial para Padres (the Communication Matrix Especially for Parents